A Mestre is a new platform that allows models, performers, athletes and influencers to keep a closer relationship with their fans and followers… And get paid for that!

Yes, we will pay you to keep doing what you already do for free on you social media.

There are many people around the world already doing it. The difference is that we are focusing on the influencers market in Latin America, for those that want to be even more famous all over the world.

We are living in an era, where have a good job isn’t enough, We want to gain back the control over our own lives.

At A MESTRE we want people that want to grow and take a chance that still remaining at the online business.


What product do we sell?


You and your personality are already perfect! 


How does it work?

For sure you have already signed up to at least one of the following social media, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or others. The reach of social media, that researchers says that it will substitute television in the near future.

So that is why we are here! To help you get the big piece of this pie!!!!
All you have to do is create a private account on Instagram and Snapchat, where only paying subscribers can have access to your content.

It means that on your public account, you can keep with whatever you want to post, to pass the time, and share your ventures.

But on your private account, you can share exclusive shows, classes, choreographies, insights, or what you think is convenient for you and interested in someone out there without restrictions.


Who are those subscribers?

It can be your actual followers on social media, which is the easiest step to start your online empire, and as well we drive high-quality traffic to you. So people that have an interest in what you are sharing and of course can pay and appreciate it.


How much it costs?

For your influencer, this service is free.

We will manage your account, market, and grow your online presence, and meanwhile, you can be at home or on your favorite spot doing what you love and creating content, while the money keep getting into your bank account.*

We want to offer you the chance to create something that many people already are doing: ” Passive Income,” it is the secret to stop to work as a dog or do the typical 9 to 5.

This is because, besides you get paid for the content you share on your channel, you can also gain extra payouts!


How much can I make?

From each person that subscribes to your channel, through our website, you get 75% of commissions.

And the price to be paid by the subscribers to your channel, you are the one to decide!

This commission can reach up to 80%! Through your referral link.

Each person that registers on our website through your link gets you a 7% commission on what this user spent on the site or from what the influencer you registered made monthly on her/his channel.

Don’t miss this opportunity; thousands of influencers are already making a lot of money from their private online channels in social media. Become one of those and make money sharing your talent, what you love, or simply just your daily life!


What do I have to do to be part of a Mestre?

First of all, as an influencer, you must have already created a Social Media account on Snapchat or Instagram, set to Private.

It must be in Private mode, and you won’t ever share public this account name. Instead, you share your profile here so people can subscribe and gain access to your Private Channel.

Then you Register HERE and create an account here with us!

Every time you gain a NEW SUBSCRIBER (payment is processed and confirmed), you will get a notification via email and here on your dashboard. You will have access to the subscriber Snapchat or Instagram username, which then you will add him or her to one of your Private Channel according to the user selection.

And you both will be immediately able to communicate.



You will get your pay monthly based on the number of subscribers you have on your channel.

Remember you get 75% of all profits made with us!!!

You can receive it via Paypal or Wire Transfer. In the future, we will have available a broader range of payment options to facilitate your business!

Just add your PayPal or account information requested, and automatically you will receive your payment every month!