How do I get successfully added to an Influencer’s Snapchat or Instagram?

1. Enter the section “see A Mestres” to see the interesting people who are registered in our platform.

2. Choose who to follow and click on “Follow me” to subscribe to their premium channel.

3. You will be directed to the section to complete your subscription.

4. At A Mestre we value your privacy, the only information we will ask you for is an email address and your instagram and/or snapchat.

5. After completing your subscription in the next few hours, A Mestre will add you to its private social network account with the information you entered when completing the subscription.

By having private access to the A Mestre’s social networks you will be able to have a closer relationship and see all the special content they share and can only be seen by premium subscribers.

Please make sure you’ve entered the correct Instagram or Snapchat username before purchasing a subscription. If you add an incorrect username, this may delay your addition to the Influencer’s Snapchat friends by a few days.